5 Fragen an … Alice Eagly


Alice Eagly (*1938)

  • Prof. für Sozialpsychologie, Northwestern University (Evanston, Illinois)http://www.feministvoices.com/assets/Feminist-Presence/Eagly/AlicePhotoNew.jpg
  • Ehrendoktorwürden der Universitäten Bern und Rotterdam
  • Gender-Psychologie, insb. geschlechtsspezifische Unterschiede (z. B. Leadership, prosoziales und aggressives Verhalten, Präferenzen in der Partnerwahl…)
  • Stereotype
  • „Social Role Theory“-Begründerin: Eine der wichtigsten Theorien zur Erklärung von Geschlechterunterschieden, die biologische, psychologische und soziale Faktoren miteinbezieht.
  • Einfluss von Einstellungen z. B. auf selektive Informationsverarbeitung


5 Fragen an …

Alice Eagly


[highlight style=“platinum“]1. At the very beginning of your studies, what did you imagine you’d end up doing/being after you got your degree?
Were you interested in gender/sex-topics from the start? If no, what sparked your interest in this topic within the psychological context? Is there perhaps a research-question left which you were fascinated with from the start and haven’t been able to answer yet?

At the beginning of my studies, I had a general interest in psychology as well as sociology and anthropology. I only gradually settled in on social psychology. Within social psychology I first worked on attitudes and social influence and then added gender to my interests.
I am interested in nature-nurture interactions in relation to gender and wish to learn how to address them better.


[highlight style=“platinum“]2. Which part of your work as a psychologist have you enjoyed most up until now? Does one project come to mind which made you the happiest? (Why?)[/highlight]

I enjoy research and writing and especially enjoy writing. I can’t really say that one project was the most exciting or made me happiest. Many of them have seemed quite wonderful.


[highlight style=“platinum“]3. If you could go back in time and give your student-self any piece of advice, what would that be? Would you do it?[/highlight]

Hmm, of course I say to work diligently. Strive to find good mentoring if being a researcher or professor is your goal. Of course I would do these things.


[highlight style=“platinum“]4. Is there anything you wish to tell all psychology students; something you think each of us should know?[/highlight]

Keep in mind that most research questions become very popular, attract lots of investigators, and then they fade. So don’t become fixed on pursing one question for very long times. Try to move out in new directions but make such choices carefully. Choose topics that favor your expertise and curiosity.


[highlight style=“platinum“]5. And finally: please tell us your favourite (preferably psychology-related) joke! [/highlight]

Gosh, I don’t tell jokes as such but try to find humor in the moment. Sometimes I succeed.


[highlight style=“platinum“]BONUS-QUESTION: who do you think should answer our 5 questions next?[/highlight]

You decide.
Good luck with your efforts.


Wir bedanken uns herzlich für das Interview!