Do we talk enough about body positivity essay?

Modern society is in many ways different from the models that existed a few decades ago. Modern society has become more open and liberated, giving us the opportunity to assert ourselves in all available ways. This left its mark on the existing standards of beauty. Previously, only girls with model-like appearance were ideal, but now girls with a healthy constitution rule the world. A shift away from the parameters of the modeling industry in everyday life has provoked the emergence of an entire movement for healthy beauty – body positivity. However, like everything new, this movement aroused not only admiration but also criticism from detractors. We will tell you about the place of body positivity in modern society and whether we know enough about it from our essay writer.

Why is body positivity good for modern society?

Modern social norms offer many opportunities for everyone to discover their inner self. There are social networks, platforms, platforms where you can find like-minded people and talk about yourself. Fans of body positivity have taken advantage of these opportunities to the maximum, to carry out a whole revolution in the beauty industry. In just a few years, the standards of appearance that were applied to girls around the world have changed dramatically. Although it would be wrong to call body positivity a system of beauty standards – it is an entire movement that promotes love for yourself and your body, the ability to accept and love it as it really is.

Bodypositive is necessary for our society because it gives us the opportunity to change our society for the better:

  1. No more so-called beauty standards. Such demands and restrictions on people’s appearance, to which girls are most often subjected, are unacceptable. Not only do they represent a distorted understanding of beauty, they simply level the very notion of beauty as it exists. This leads to a distorted perception of self and others since no one tends to accept each other for who they are.
  2. We will begin to accept and love ourselves as we are-even with flaws and imperfections. Many psychologists claim that, in fact, flaws most often exist in our heads – we ourselves look for and invent flaws in our appearance and character. Body positivity teaches us to love ourselves no matter what, even if the whole world around us says that we are ugly.
  3. The concept of beauty will return its usual understanding. Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder – some see beauty even in a puddle on the pavement, and some are blind to their own beauty, both external and internal. Body positivity teaches us to love ourselves no matter what, to accept others as they are, and not criticize if someone else’s perception of beauty differs from our own.

Even though there is a lot of talk about body positivity now, it has not yet become mainstream – still, young people all over the world look for flaws in themselves and try to correct them, even to their own detriment. We need to learn to look for the beauty in ourselves and accept it in its pure form, rather than succumbing to the criticism of a bunch of ill-wishers.