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2 Jun, 2021

What Is The Second Step in Writing an Argumentative Essay?

So, you have an assignment due and you are wondering what is the second step in writing an argumentative essay body? You have done all of the research, you have chosen your topic and now it is time to do all of the arguing! The first step is in deciding what your main thesis is and then you can start your essay. There are two things that need to be covered when it comes to arguing your argumentative essay, the first is what is the first step in writing an argumentative essay. The second is where all of your arguing ends and turns into essay writing.

Steps in writing an argumentative essay

Knowing what your thesis statement is and the purpose of the essay

If you do not know these then it will be very difficult for you to come up with a good argument for your thesis. Once you have your thesis and purpose of the essay covered, you need to know what is the second step in writing an argumentative essay.

Knowing how to argue your points

First, you must choose an argument. Second, you must write down and type your arguments. Third, read your essay carefully so that you can review what you have written and make sure that you are following the correct structure.

Choose an argument;

  • you can choose from the topic,
  • the writer,
  • the information,
  • the style,
  • the thesis,
  • the author name,
  • the conclusion,
  • the support for the argument.

Write the body of your essay

This is where all of your arguing will take place and at this point you should also edit what you have written so that you have an accurate and well-structured argument.

Read your argument and understand it completely

You need to read it over to understand its structure. You also need to read the arguments of other people and how they have reached their conclusions. This will give you ideas about what your own conclusion might be and you will better understand what the topic is, the writer, and the information that you are considering.

The fourth step in writing an argumentative essay is to revise what you have written and what you have learned. The fifth step is to rewrite your argument so that you are completely clear on what you want to say and why you are saying it. Lastly, you must spell check and proofread your work thoroughly to ensure that your paper is error free.

15 May, 2021

What a Thesis for a Historical Essay Should Be?

For most students asked to answer the question, “What is a thesis for a historical essay?”

They will quickly think that it is a long and difficult task. They will not have a clue what to write or how to go about it. And worst of all, they probably won’t finish. So if you are one of those whose mind runs in endless search of good information, here are some tips that might help you.

The first tip for answering the question, “what is a thesis for a historical essay?”

Is to think carefully about your research method. Are you assembling a well-researched factual account, or are you writing from the assumption that you already know what has already been written? Obviously, the latter is not as useful as a guideline, but on the other hand, the former is extremely useful for helping you make sense of the historical research you’re doing.

The next tip for answering the question, “what is a thesis for a historical essay?”

Is to be aware that different people have different backgrounds. Some research for their historical essays begin with an interpretation of events and decide how to interpret those events based on the available facts. Other researchers start out looking for primary sources, i.e., primary facts that support their interpretation of the primary facts.

Still others begin with a more in-depth research method, looking for primary sources from which a conclusion can be drawn. No matter which way you approach your historical studies, you must make sure to understand your own particular field before you start trying to interpret other people’s work.

Finally, “what is a thesis for a historical essay?”

It is important to understand that there is no correct or wrong way to write a paper. The only requirement is that you have enough primary research to support your conclusions. Staying clear of the word “fiction” when describing your research is an important part of being sure that your paper is a well-researched fact rather than a “factual” piece of writing.

Now that you’ve laid out the structure for your paper, let’s take a look at the characteristics of a well-researched fact.

1. Generally time span.

A well-researched fact will be written in a relatively short period of time. This will vary depending on the length of the research that was used to develop the research topic. A paper that was written six years ago on the civil rights movement might still be written today, but it would not require the same amount of research to support it. As such, the time period could be significantly shorter than a more recent piece.

2. The thesis must be written with a fairly limited number of words

Too many words can cause an entire essay to get unnecessarily complicated. When writing a history paper, a thesis should be easy to understand and hard to refute. If an author wishes to prove a historical fact using too much detail, he or she may find that their argument goes against the general opinion of most people in the society at the time.

Finally, and probably most importantly

the thesis must be written with the “rest of the story” in mind. As mentioned above, the thesis should provide enough information for the reader to decide whether or not the argument that they are being presented with is correct. However, the thesis should not present the entire history as well. The student must learn how to paint a picture of how the events that have taken place are interconnected to each other if they wish to explain the answer to the question, “what of the following best describes what a thesis for a historical essay should be?”

In order to write a good thesis, one must know what he or she is trying to accomplish with the research that they will commit to paper. Is the research which they plan on writing more of an argument in support of their particular thesis or more of a review? Perhaps they want to show how a certain event affects various aspects of society from a historical perspective. The answers to these questions are only the starting point, however. A true and concise thesis must contain information that allows the reader to determine whether or not the argument that they are being presented with is accurate and whether or not they agree with the conclusions reached by the writer.

9 May, 2021

The Main Idea of Your Essay

If you want to say something that doesn’t go with the main idea of your essay, you should at least find a way to work it into your writing. Asking your creative juices to flow would be a good start. This doesn’t mean you have to come up with the entire idea of an essay all at once. There are certain ways that you can incorporate an idea into your essay without using it as a main point.

For instance, you might start by explaining something to your reader that pertains to the main idea of your essay. You could explain something such as the difference between an ice cream shop and a cafe. You could use examples from books or movies. You could even give your reader real world examples from your own life.

Now, you have a few options open to you

You can at least partially write your own explanation. You can also ask someone else to explain something to you. This is what is called a descriptive essay. A descriptive essay is one that explains something that has already been explained to you in the context of your literature, studies, field work, or similar topic.

There are several different ways you can approach explaining something in such a way as to add a side topic to your written work. You can actually think of this as being the opposite of the primary idea in your essay. If you want to say something that doesn’t go with the main idea of your argument, you can actually change the main idea in your essay.

That means you have two choices: you can either change the thesis statement that you state as the main focus of your work (if it’s an opinion piece) or you can change the main body of your work in such a way as to suggest a side topic to your audience. I will call this a side topic for simplicity’s sake.

How to include this topic in your writing assignment

You can’t really find a way to work this into your written assignment unless you’re wanting to submit it to a publisher or someone else who will be reviewing your work. You can certainly discuss it at the beginning of the writing process in an email or in an introduction to a paper, but you can’t actually use it as the entire focus of your essay. The topic of this example can also be used as a springboard for another discussion about what’s really important in your essay.

Another example of this comes from when you’re writing an essay to explain something to a class. Most students won’t be familiar with that topic, so you should explain it carefully to them. You don’t want to start writing about a completely unrelated field if you are writing your student’s essay for college credit. It may help to mention that the topic is very important to you in order to illustrate how important your own topic is to the other person. This shows you’re communicating well and can help you avoid getting in trouble.

Of course, there’s a bit more to your sample write-up than just discussing it and writing something about it. You should also think of ways to phrase it so that it can be understood by a typical reader. You should write it in a way that makes you sound as though you know what you’re talking about and have read the material you are writing on. This helps the reader to put your ideas into context and understand your point.


When you’re writing an essay, you should be careful not to stray from the main topic. Explain one idea in detail. Work with a reliable source and avoid getting overly general with your examples. Maintain your consistency as you go along and do not change your main ideas. When you do, you jeopardize the main point of your essay and take away from the main idea of the document.

8 Apr, 2021

500 Word Essay on “Why I Want to be a Nurse?”

How to write?

A 500 word essay on why I want to be a nurse is so easy to write, as long as you know what kind of information you are going to give.

For example, if you are writing an essay about your interest in science, then all you have to do is list your favorite science stories and explain how much they inspired you. If you want to write an essay about your passion for animals, then all you have to do is talk about how much you love cats or dogs or mention some cute stories of you watching wild animals in the forest.

Examples of essay topics

It is up to you to decide what kind of topics you would like to write. Of course, the most popular topic for a 500 word essay on why I want to be a nurse is “My desire to help people in any way that I can”. This one seems like the most popular and is actually what most students begin with their 500 word essay on why I want to be a nurse.

However, you should also not be afraid to write about topics that you find more interesting. After all, it is your time, and you have the power to choose the topic that you want to write.

When choosing a topic, you should always look at your life and determine whether there is a conflict or a problem that needs to be solved in your current life. After you have decided on a topic, it is important that you practice writing about it on a paper. The reason for this is that it will give you the ability to be more creative while you are writing your essay.

Once you have finished writing the article that you are planning to turn into a 500-word essay, the next step is to submit it to an article directory. There are several different article directories online that you can submit your article to, and most of them will accept articles with a focus on a specific topic.

Some of these directories will even allow you to add a resource box to your essay, which contains a little information about yourself and a link to your website. This is a great way to promote yourself and get your website known. If you can make sure that your resource box has your website address in it, you should be just fine.

In addition

To submitting your written article to directories, you should also send out your articles to blogs that have a nursing focus. There are several blogs that focus solely on nursing, and it would be very easy to learn a lot of helpful information from them. You can even add a short paragraph about yourself at the end of your write up. This is an easy way to promote yourself and show other potential employers that you are qualified for the position that you are applying for.

There are other ways to research and write an essay on why I want to be a nurse, but these tips will get you started in the right direction. There are many more tips and suggestions that you can find by visiting some of the popular nursing blogs online. The bottom line is that if you want to succeed in this field, you have to take the time to do all the necessary research so that you are qualified for the job.