How is Theme Treated When Writing a Response to Literature Essay?

The topic of the response to literature essay is so broad that it can be easy to over analyze your own responses to literature. However, just as every writer has his/her own way of working and reacting, you too have your own way of thinking when it comes to what is the theme of your response to literature.

You should not try to follow the example of another writer, but you should also remember that other writers are not always the best judges of your own work. Instead of giving an impersonal response to the question “How is the theme treated when writing a response to literature?”

Try to think of your response as a mirror of the writer’s mind

Therefore, you should also take the time to think of the theme as if the writer had been there in the person’s shoes. For instance, if you were asked to read a piece of literature by a particular author, how would you interpret it? You might first look at the plot and characters and if you find the plot interesting and the characters are appealing, then you might interpret the author’s point of view in terms of psychology or sociology. You might even decide to throw in some cultural nuances along with the psychological or sociological explanations that you feel are relevant to understanding the novel.

In this way, you are not merely reading a work of art. Rather, you would be looking through the eyes of the writer and interpreting how he/she might have approached the problem in question. This is much different than merely responding to a work of fiction, which is essentially one form of art that does not require interpretation.

So, if you feel that you cannot answer the question posed, how is the theme treated when writing a response to literature? It would simply mean that you have not found an author whose work best translates into your own language and point of view.

On the other hand, if you approach the topic in a much more critical manner, you would be able to answer the question how is the theme treated when writing a response to literature. After all, you will need to show how you have related points of view to the issue at hand. You will need to show how the issues and themes are connected in your mind. By relating the different theories of the different authors, you would be able to show how the different topics in the literature can be analyzed from a variety of perspectives. In this manner, you can show how the different topic has been handled throughout the years by different writers.

The writer may choose to express his/her opinions about the issue

The writer could also take a very strong stand on a certain issue. However, it is always important for the writer to choose his/her words wisely. An opinion can become very convincing when speaking to a specific audience. However, the same opinion cannot be told the same way in another language, let alone written. The same is true for a strong stance on a given issue or theory.

Asking how is the theme treated when writing a response to literature essays is only one point that the student should consider before deciding to write his/her response. The student must look at all the facts and information before choosing his/her response. There are many important points of view that one could bring up in a response to literature essay. However, one should not just ramble on, looking for points of view without thinking or deciding what one actually thinks.